Foxes And Things Etsy: A Dream Realized!


Learning to make plush toys
Learning to make plush toys

I always wanted to create my business involving my arts and crafts. When I was 8 I created original characters and creatures for comic art and fantasy stories. By age 11, I discovered foxes and their mythology. I learned about the Japanese folklore: the rice and fox god Inari, fox fire/kitsune-bi, their ability to protect others from demons, and so much more. I decided to create characters based on foxes and draw foxes when became or depressed. They help to calm me or to break through artist block. In 2014, I decided to create a shop on Etsy based on foxes and Japanese folklore. In order to create handmade characters I learned how to sew in 3 weeks. Some characters featured here are from my WIP fantasy book and graphic novel, Whimsy, such as the whimsical creatures from worlds I created called Genuinus and the Kitsune Timberlands. I hope people who are fox fanatics like me will enjoy my shop!

Twitter: @foxesandthings




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