SOLD! “Respite” to Help Raise Funds for Children’s Art Classes


SOLD! “Respite”

Auctioned at Kimball Jenkins Art School to raise funds for children’s Art classes and the estate

Sold! “Kitsune” Auctioned to Help Raise Money for Children’s Art Classes

'Kitsune' by Amaranthia a Sepia Gittens-Jones published on artists uncovered March 2015 Print donated Zrise Again Outreach auction April 2015.
SOLD! “Kitsune”

Friday’s auction at Kimball Jenkins Art School in Concord, NH raised funds for art classes to help children and for the estate.

Published: Artists Must Receive Credit for Their Work

Originally published at Artists Unleashed Blog see below:

Artists must be given credit and/or payment for their work. Their requests may vary: an online artist may not need to be asked directly when someone uses their work, but they need credit to be given; painters may want their names under a poster used for a company, and to be fully involved in the process of creating the poster; a musician may want to get paid and receive full credit for one of their songs used in an advertisement. If these requests are violated, they could potentially bring a case involving copyright. It is important to give credit and acknowledge the artist and all of their requests….

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My Artwork Donated to Help Kids Do Art at Kimball Jenkins


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Join Kimball-Jenkins School of Art for our 4th Annual Art Auction, Paint The Town

Last year we raised over $40,000 with our first auction! Help us raise even more funds this year to send kids to art class!


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Friday September 25th, Silent Auction, Raffles, Cocktail Reception & Wine Event begins at 5:30 pm

Kimball Jenkins Art School & Estate in Concord, NH will host its 4th annual art auction and reception to raise funds to support the art school and the estate. The event will feature artwork by Concord area professional artists and artwork by the talented art school instructors and students depicting the beautiful Concord area.
Last year we raised over $40,000 with our first auction! Help us raise even more funds this year to send kids to art class!
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My “Kitsune Series” Featured in Hypernova Lit Magazine

Originally posted at Hypernova Lit

Kitsune Series

Artist Name: AmaSepia

Shintaro by AmaSepia
Fox Shintaro by AmaSepia

Artist’s Statement

I’ve been experimenting with iPad art programs like Brushes and SketchbookPro since I was 11, and trying to find ways to improve my digital art skills. I had a hard time understanding layering and manipulating techniques until I did a class project in 7th grade. In the class project, I had to work with multiple students on a music video, and we decided to use the app, Brushes 3, on my iPad. One of the students taught me multiple techniques on layers and how to use them to create more details. I took this and decided to test it on some of my own comic characters from my WIP fantasy book, “Whimsy”. I was using it for designs of the characters for the graphic novel version, and my digital art immediately started improving. I decided to apply it to my favorite animal: foxes. Throughout ‘the Kitsune series’, I manipulated the colors of the backgrounds on the foxes, and their shape and form. The first one I did, “Shintaro Fox” is a character from my first comic series I created at 9 years old. After doing this one, I realized what I could do with other fox drawings.

Kitsune in Japanese folklore are seen as sacred creatures who protect the land from “kimon”, or demon gates. They guard the demon gates to the northeast of Japan to ward off evil beings. They are messengers of Inari, the god of foxes and rice. They protect the god’s shrines and whoever works,lives near, or comes to the shrine for help. They are full of honor, but have minds and morals of their own. The significance of kitsune and their beauty and backstory inspired me to create the “Kitsune Series” as well….

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