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"Mythology" by AmaSepia at age 13
“Mythology” by AmaSepia at age 13


“Mythology,” a fantasy short story, was awarded Honorable in The Scholastic Art And Writing Awards, NH in 2013

Published in The Middle & High School Voices 2013, National Writing Project in New Hampshire.

In modern day Japan, a 13 year old boy lived in the Japanese countryside in a dark, isolated house around a strange, murky forest. He was strictly home schooled by his mysterious parents. The boy never saw them: he only felt their presence. His parents were very reserved and hated all living things. They were both afraid of sunlight and plants shriveled up and died in their presence.

The boy’s name was Yasashii: Yasashii Hinata. He was a shy boy with spiky, jet black hair, which was streaked with silver. His hazel eyes constantly changed color.

Yasashii had no human friends. His only companion was a wild, female, raccoon dog named Mizuhime. They are dog-like raccoons, dark brown in color with black stripes. Their bodies are very fluffy.

Every day Mizuhime joined Yasashii near a clear pond filled with bright, green lily pads. The pond was situated near the gloomy, sinister forest, which was rumored to be cursed by an evil being. They met at the pond to search for the bizarre creatures that surrounded it. Yasashii never told his parents about Mizuhime. He knew if they ever found out about her, they would kill her and force him to bury her rotting corpse. This happened with every animal companion he bonded with.

One day, when Yasashii went to the pond to play with Mizuhime, his parents were looking out of a grimy window, and they discovered him playing with the raccoon dog. They left the window, and Yasashi immediately knew what was going to happen. Suddenly, Mizuhime morphed into a young girl! Yasashi was stunned and he stammered “You’re a-A HUMAN?’’. Mizuhime pulled him behind an elderly oak tree, a few Centuries old. “I am not a human!! I’ll tell you more later,” she whispered. “Meet me here at midnight, and bring all your belongings with you.”

“Why do I have to do that? Don’t you know my parents would kill me if I came out her at midnight?”


Fine, but you didn’t have to be rude about it”, Yasashii muttered quietly under his breath. Yasashii said bye to Mizuhime, but before he left, the shadowy outlines of his parents appeared once again in the window, trying to find where his friend went. He turned around to look for her too, but she furtively disappeared into the cursed forest. When he got back to his house, he went straight to his room.

The inside of their house was very depressing. It felt as if a dark presence was watching his every step, trying to take over his body. The walls were made of worn down wood, painted with a black paint, which was fading away gradually, like it was painted years ago. The floor was covered with mud and dirt. He always tried to clean up the mess, but as soon as he turned around, the mess suddenly appeared again. However, his room was always clean, bright and filled with light.

His room was covered with mythological posters of dragons, foxes, raccoon dogs, and his all time favorite, the Kirin. A Kirin is a beautiful, rare, creature that is similar to a unicorn with scales that gleam like a glorious full moon. He dreamed of riding a Kirin one day. After seeing his friend, Mizuhime morph into a young girl, his suspicions were confirmed. He now knew that mythological creatures were real!

While Yasashi was packing up his belongings in his spotless room he thought,

I probably should bring my mythology book, I might find a new mythological
Creature” When he was done packing, he jumped onto his bed, and thought about Mizuhime’s new form. She had long brunette hair, amethyst eyes, light, tanned, glowing skin and a fluffy, soft, sepia tail with black stripes. She had a stunning, exotic face with a mischievous look in her eyes. Yasashi smiled, and turned off the lights in his room.

He dreamed of Mizuhime.

When Yasashi woke up, he checked his clock on the front wall of his room. The

time was 11:12 pm. He looked out the dim window behind his bed, and saw a striking pure, black, night sky. There was a half moon that sparkled with a golden light. He got up and put on his clothes. He quickly slid into a warm, black jacket with white and gray designs and a baby blue graphic tee shirt and tan khakis. Rummaging around to make sure he had everything, he finally picked everything up and moved across his room.

He slowly opened the window and climbed out of it, walking on the ledge. In one huge bound he jumped down onto the dead grass surrounding the house, and ran to the pond. Mizuhime was there in her raccoon dog form, looking straight up at him. She morphed into a girl again. “Why are you so late? Its 12:30!” Yasashi was surprised, “How can it be 12:30 I snuck out at 11:12!? That doesn’t even make sense!” “Well, time flies pretty fast, so you gotta get here on time! Anyway, we’re going through the forest, so grab my hand!” Mizuhime said impatiently.

“I don’t wanna go through the forest, it’s cursed!”

“What? Are you afraid? Come on, we’re wasting time here!”
Mizuhime grabbed his hand and bolted into the forest. Yasashii screamed like a girl. He was shocked at what he saw. Standing in front of him was a beautiful Kirin. Surrounding it was a beautiful, strange world filled with all the creatures he carried with him in his book. Yasashi stood transfixed as he was transported into the world of his dreams.

(940 WORDS)

By AmaSepia age 13