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Artist AmaSepia Featured

I am 15 years-old. Today I was featured on’s ‘Art talk-Ten Questions’.

Art Talk-Ten Questions
Art Talk-Ten Questions

1.How long have you been an artist?

I am 15 and art is something I have always done but I started sharing with others at 11….

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My Interview With Craft Gossip Magazine

"Content In The Wind" by Amaranthia Gittens-Jones age 15 published at Crafts Gossip May 4, 2015
“Content In The Wind” by Amaranthia Gittens-Jones age 15 published at Crafts Gossip May 4, 2015

Originally posted at Craft a Gossip Magazine (link below)

 Hey Everyone, Today I wanted to let you know about a very talented young artist, AmaSepiaChan. She just recently opened her etsy shop, Foxes and Things. I’m obsessed with the fox trend, and I love her art. Today I’m doing an interview with her, please take a moment to get to know her and stop by her shop.

Tell us a little about yourself, Where are you from?

I was born in North Hampton, Massachusetts in 1999. but I moved to Connecticut when I was about 3. I lived there until I was 4, and moved to Japan after my Dad got an expat deal there.We lived in CT for two years one year before leaving for Japan and one year after returning to US. Going to Japan was a life changing experience, even at 4 years old. I enjoyed seeing the temples and shrines and learning about the culture of the Japan. Attending International schools helped me meet people from around the world. When I came back to America and started first grade, I had to deal with constant bullying. I was very influenced by Japanese culture, which made it extremely difficult to find my footing, even though I was American. Degrading language was dieted at me throughout elementary school and most teachers were unsupportive. There were just a couple teachers who tried to understand me. The difficulties continued, even when I moved to NH at 8 years old. It was very hard to keep friendships and most eventually drifted away. No matter what I did or what my parents did, the bullying wasn’t solved. I started doing art at 7 years old, and I increasingly created art because of the stress from school. When I was in 7th grade, things came to a head. I tried to create an anti-bullying program about expressing yourself, and fighting against discrimination. Sadly, it failed, causing teachers and kids to treat me like an outcast. I left the school after falling ill….

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