AmaSepiaChan Artworks Exhibit at Oscar Foss Library, Oct 2014

“BEAUTIFUL!” Sharon Archambalt, Librarian at Oscar Foss

“Wow you are amazing. Thank you for sharing with us.” ย Karlene

“We are honored to have you share your work with us! It’s wondeful that you have been able to turn such a difficult existence into such a powerful, compassionate exhibit.” Trina

“This is just the BEGINNING you will have a wonderful future in any endeavor you seek.” Janice

“Elegant work. Your art is inspiring. Please create more and continue to share. Know that you are appreciated.” Mark

AmaSepiaChan Art works Exhibit Chichester Public Library, NH Dec 2014

“I love your paintings, I cannot believe you are only 14. Your story really touched me, but look at all the good that has come from your pain.” Lisa Prizio, Librarian at Chichester

“I applaud you for turning a devastating, negative experience into something so powerfully positive. Your story and the art that grew out of it are amazing.” ย  ย  ย  ย  ย Linda C Fisher

“Your paintings are absolutely beautiful. Keep up the good work.Mary Beth Mahar

“Your art is absolutely beautiful and inspiring keep on going and you will inspire others too!” JR



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Unique artwork, Inspirational and motivational words from a 17 year old. Blogs posted monthly from I Am That Girl. I Am That Girl is "A community, a support system, and a movement inspiring girls to LOVE, EXPRESS, and BE who they are."

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