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Learning By Doing

Course completion:

Foxes And Things was part of an (ELO) Experiential Learning Opportunity. It was for my online English 2 high school course at (VLACS) Vitual Learning Academy in New Hampshire. This opportunity allowed me to discover social media, the basics of business like SEO etc, improve my writing and to find new career goals. There were many challenges but I am happy to say I overcame them and was able to make my final presentation to my teachers last night. Foxes And Things Etsy will remain and I continue to create the foxes I love but am now moving on to work on my pet writing project “Whimsy,” which was also a big part of the learning opportunity. I highly recommend this ELO course to VLACS students. Amaranthia (AmaSepia) πŸ˜ŠπŸΊβ˜€οΈ

Foxes And Things Etsy: An Experential Learning Opportunity (VLACS)
Foxes And Things Etsy: An Experential Learning Opportunity (VLACS)






“Smooth Fox” Artwork Featured in Helen Presents Literary Magazine

"Smooth Fox" published in Helen a Presents Literary Magazine spring 2015 issue
“Smooth Fox” published in Helen Β Presents Literary Magazine spring 2015 issue

Prints of “Smooth Fox” available for sale at:Β Foxes And Things EtsyΒ 

Buy Helen Presents Literary here:Β  http://www.helenpresents.com/buy/

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