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Published: Why Books Should Not Be Banned

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Harry Potter, a beloved book bursting with enchantment, mystery, and imaginative writing, was seen by some as a book that promoted witchcraft and anti-Christian themes. The series is banned by a few religious groups and schools. In Marcia Amidon Lusted’s Banned Books, she describes the prohibition of the book, writing, “Some religious groups feel that these books steer children away from God and the church.” Should books be banned and ostracized for themes that people can enjoy and learn from?

I believe banned books should be shown to children to educate them about censorship and themes that are seen as inappropriate to certain demographics. However, in opposition, some may think these topics are unsuitable to be observed by young people. If these themes are explained to children, it could inform them about the viewpoint of groups who believe in censoring, and grant them an awareness of a story that may benefit them before they read. Therefore, books that are banned should be shown to students to increase their awareness of censorship; they can teach kids about literature, and why some themes in books are seen as inappropriate.

A number of people may believe books such as Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer should never be taught to students. However, a teen’s article on a website called Teen Ink discusses why Huckleberry Finn should be taught from a student’s perspective. The book can be an educational experience because of its highlights on America’s history of racism. They state that Huckleberry Finn should be taught because “it was a stepping stone in American literature.” Furthermore, the author says, “The fact that one derogatory term is used in it does not make it a bad novel … it is about freedom and the pursuit of happiness….”

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Learning By Doing

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Foxes And Things was part of an (ELO) Experiential Learning Opportunity. It was for my online English 2 high school course at (VLACS) Vitual Learning Academy in New Hampshire. This opportunity allowed me to discover social media, the basics of business like SEO etc, improve my writing and to find new career goals. There were many challenges but I am happy to say I overcame them and was able to make my final presentation to my teachers last night. Foxes And Things Etsy will remain and I continue to create the foxes I love but am now moving on to work on my pet writing project “Whimsy,” which was also a big part of the learning opportunity. I highly recommend this ELO course to VLACS students. Amaranthia (AmaSepia) 😊🐺☀️

Foxes And Things Etsy: An Experential Learning Opportunity (VLACS)
Foxes And Things Etsy: An Experential Learning Opportunity (VLACS)