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Foxes And Things Etsy Teen Summer Art Show Concord Public Library, Concord, NH

Foxes and Their Mythology:

Kitsune in Japanese folklore are revered creatures, protecting the land from “kimon”, or demon gates. The woodland animals guard the demon gates to the northeast of Japan to keep evil at bay. They are envoys of Inari, the god of foxes and rice. Foxes guard the god’s shrines and defend whoever works, lives near, or comes to the shrine. The animals are bursting with honor and pride, and have their own ethics and ideals. The significance of kitsune and their beautiful folklore inspired me to create my shop, “FoxesAndThings”, which is based on this folklore. The majorities of original characters on the shop are inspired by their stories. I hope you like my small art show here at Concord Library!

Info for Foxes And Things Concord Public Library Show, Concord, NH, Summer 2015
Info for Foxes And Things Concord Public Library Show, Concord, NH, Summer 2015
Foxes And Things Collage
Foxes And Things Collage
'Kitsune' featured Artists Uncovered March 2015. A print donated Rise Again Outreach auction, April 2015.
‘Kitsune’ featured Artists Uncovered March 2015. A print donated Rise Again Outreach auction, April 2015.  Print will be on show at Concord Public Library Summer 2015.

Amaranthia Gittens-Jones Art Folio Info:  https://artavita.com/artists/8158-amaranthia-sepia-gittens-jones

Amaranthia Gittens-Jones


15 year old Amaranthia Sepia (Eternal Brown Flower) Gittens-Jones is a homeschooled artist. She attended Pal International School and Nischimachi International School, Tokyo, Japan 2004-2006. Currently, Amaranthia is homeschooled in the USA. Amaranthia gave herself the artist name’AmaSepia Chan’ at age eight and declared her purpose: to become an artist. She has been on a focused and disciplined mission to achieve her goal since then. Her artist name was a combination of part of her first name and middle name. She adopted ‘Chan’ from the Japanese language. The honorific title is usually used for girls. Amaranthia now uses ‘AmaSepia’ or ‘Sepia’ as her signature. She has studied with acclaimed artist Ian Torney and teacher Sylvia Brofos of Kimball Art School, Concord, NH. She is recently took illustration classes with Australian artist and teacher Kim Roth. Amaranthia was awarded a full scholarship at Kimball Jenkins at age 12. She attended art classes, including adult classes, since then. Amaranthia is a monthly guest blogger for Iamthatgirl.com a non-profit organization for the empowerment of teens and young women. She makes yearly art donations to help individuals and charitable organizations. Her store Foxes And Things on Etsy was opened in March 2015. The ‘fox themed’ store was inspired by her love of Japanese ‘foxlore’ and mythology. Amaranthia is homeschooled and a full-time student at Virtual Learning Academy (VLACS). Foxes And Things Etsy was part of an experiential learning Opportunity (ELO) at VLACS this past school year.

SOLO SHOWS: Oscar Foss Library, Barnstead, NH October 2013
Chichester Public Library, Chichester, NH December 2013
NHTI Library, Concord, NH January 2014
The Works Café, Main St, Concord, NH February 2014
“Spring Art Exhibit,” Group Show Merrimack Bank Concord, NH April 2014

STUDENT ART SHOWS: Kimball Jenkins Art School, Concord, NH 2012-2015

RECENT DONATIONS: Rise Again Outreach, New Hampshire, March 2014 and 2015
The Friends Program and Kimball Jenkins Art School, Concord, New Hampshire, April 2014

Website: https://optimismrocks.wordpress.com/about-2/

Email: foxesandthingsetsy@gmail.com
Follow on twitter: @foxesandthings Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/foxesandthings






Learning By Doing

Course completion:

Foxes And Things was part of an (ELO) Experiential Learning Opportunity. It was for my online English 2 high school course at (VLACS) Vitual Learning Academy in New Hampshire. This opportunity allowed me to discover social media, the basics of business like SEO etc, improve my writing and to find new career goals. There were many challenges but I am happy to say I overcame them and was able to make my final presentation to my teachers last night. Foxes And Things Etsy will remain and I continue to create the foxes I love but am now moving on to work on my pet writing project “Whimsy,” which was also a big part of the learning opportunity. I highly recommend this ELO course to VLACS students. Amaranthia (AmaSepia) 😊🐺☀️

Foxes And Things Etsy: An Experential Learning Opportunity (VLACS)
Foxes And Things Etsy: An Experential Learning Opportunity (VLACS)





My Interview With Craft Gossip Magazine

"Content In The Wind" by Amaranthia Gittens-Jones age 15 published at Crafts Gossip May 4, 2015
“Content In The Wind” by Amaranthia Gittens-Jones age 15 published at Crafts Gossip May 4, 2015

Originally posted at Craft a Gossip Magazine (link below)

 Hey Everyone, Today I wanted to let you know about a very talented young artist, AmaSepiaChan. She just recently opened her etsy shop, Foxes and Things. I’m obsessed with the fox trend, and I love her art. Today I’m doing an interview with her, please take a moment to get to know her and stop by her shop.

Tell us a little about yourself, Where are you from?

I was born in North Hampton, Massachusetts in 1999. but I moved to Connecticut when I was about 3. I lived there until I was 4, and moved to Japan after my Dad got an expat deal there.We lived in CT for two years one year before leaving for Japan and one year after returning to US. Going to Japan was a life changing experience, even at 4 years old. I enjoyed seeing the temples and shrines and learning about the culture of the Japan. Attending International schools helped me meet people from around the world. When I came back to America and started first grade, I had to deal with constant bullying. I was very influenced by Japanese culture, which made it extremely difficult to find my footing, even though I was American. Degrading language was dieted at me throughout elementary school and most teachers were unsupportive. There were just a couple teachers who tried to understand me. The difficulties continued, even when I moved to NH at 8 years old. It was very hard to keep friendships and most eventually drifted away. No matter what I did or what my parents did, the bullying wasn’t solved. I started doing art at 7 years old, and I increasingly created art because of the stress from school. When I was in 7th grade, things came to a head. I tried to create an anti-bullying program about expressing yourself, and fighting against discrimination. Sadly, it failed, causing teachers and kids to treat me like an outcast. I left the school after falling ill….

See more here: http://indiecrafts.craftgossip.com/2015/05/05/interview-with-amasepiachan-artworks/

“Smooth Fox” Artwork Featured in Helen Presents Literary Magazine

"Smooth Fox" published in Helen a Presents Literary Magazine spring 2015 issue
“Smooth Fox” published in Helen  Presents Literary Magazine spring 2015 issue

Prints of “Smooth Fox” available for sale at: Foxes And Things Etsy 

Buy Helen Presents Literary here:  http://www.helenpresents.com/buy/

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Figurative vs. Literal Language: Which Is More Beneficial?

Reposted from teenink.com

The author’s comments:

I wrote this paper for my English 2 class to help me navigate the process of opening my Etsy art and crafts store. The store is called ‘Foxes N’ Things’ and will feature fox art for fox fanatics like me. I hope that it will help other teen entrepeneurs.

Gorgeous scenery decorated with fluttering butterflies, or a blue canvas with butterflies created with oil paint? Which drew you in more: the vivid figurative depiction or the literal explanation? Figurative language may urge a customer of handcrafts to purchase because of the stirring description, however, literal language must be written for the consumer to know what they’re buying. What is more beneficial to a hand-crafter and a customer: figurative language, literal language, or a combination?

The definitions of figurative and literal language are the exact opposite of each other. Figurative language “appeals to the senses”. It vibrantly illustrates an image in the reader’s mind using metaphors, similes, personification, and hyperboles. In particular, figurative language is seen in fantasy, science-fiction and other genres. In contrast, literal language is factual and accurate; it uses a word’s definite meaning. For instance, literal language is found in scientific writings, economic reports, and more. How would these two languages apply to descriptions of handcrafted products? I asked the opinions of two Etsy crafters to see what they preferred and why.

Read more of my article published at Teenink.com here